The most valuable resource in the Holisun company are our colleagues. For over 15 years, as IT specialists, we are passionate about technology with all of its latest news and challenges. The Holisun team boasts the most dynamic, more open, more cheerful and proactive colleagues. Our main satisfaction is to exceed customer expectations with appropriate advice and creative solutions for everyone. If you wish for a work environment that will allow you to accomplish your most ambitious career plans, we expect you in our team.

PHP Programmer

The candidate will participate in national and international projects for developing web applications with major impact.

  • graduates or final year student
  • work experience beginner-medium level (1-3 years) with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX
  • organizational skills, structuring and planning of their activities and guidance on finding concrete solutions
  • positive attitude, to seek to solve a problem when you discover it
  • taking responsibility and respecting assumed terms
  • ability to work on an existing project (code refactoring, debugging)
  • communication skills and teamwork
  • admitting when you don't know something, ask for help when you need it and give help when prompted
  • knowledge of English - medium level (+ another foreign language is an advantage)
  • availability of working full time
  • to implement new features in platforms, according to clients requests
  • to document your written code and to realize, if necessary, a user manual
  • fixing bugs reported by clients and potential compatibility problems that may occur over time, in short, you will provide technical support to the existing customers
  • you participate alone or as a team to develop new projects and / or you will provide maintenance for the existing applications
  • PHP, SQL
  • Javascript, Ajax

Soft/web project manager

Will take the role of leading web and / or software projects.

  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Capacity of analysis, synthesis, organizing and planning
  • Capacity to decide and accountability
  • Management skills and work team coordination
  • Positive attitude and ability to motivate the project team
  • Teamwork and Collaboration spirit
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Advanced knowledge of English; knowledge of another foreign language is an advantage
  • Knowledge of PC
  • Develops specifications and documents required for offers;
  • Provides interface between the company and beneficiaries in good conditions for the development of projects;
  • Leads and manages the material, financial and human resources of the projects;
  • Ensure compliance with deadlines and conditions as expressed by beneficiaries for the projects he lead;
  • Coordinates project activities directly supervising the technical teams, consultants and other partners involved;
  • Establish long-term collaborative relationships with partners, clients, beneficiaries and funders of the project;
  • Constantly monitors budget, scope and planning of the project and informs the stakeholders;
  • Ensures the circulation of information in the project and other departments of the organization, organizing periodic meetings with the project team and presenting the project to other departments;
  • Centralizes the entire documentation of the work and will hand it over to the beneficiary at project closure
  • Ensures problem-solving in the project and he will inform timely the management team about those who can't solve them;
  • Experience as project manager / minimum 5 years experience as a programmer or similar
  • Project planning (Gantt)
  • Driving license category B
  • CNFPA project manager certificate is an advantage

Senior PHP Developer

We are looking for a professional with a minimum 3 years experience in web application development.

  • PHP5 knowledge and experience in popular web frameworks (preferably Laravel alternatively Zend, Symfony);
  • You have experience with JavaScript (vanilla and libraries such as jQuery), HTML5 and CSS3;
  • To have solid knowledge of OOP, to apply MVC paradigm and constant use design patterns for common solutions;
  • To have experience working with SQL databases (MySQL), NoSQL databases (Mongo, Couch);
  • Experience with Linux, Apache, source control (Git), HG, agile development, API design, Bash scripting;
  • You know principles of SEO, accessibility and semantic web;
  • You write clean code, logically and semantically correct;
  • You speak and understand English well;
  • Are you aware of new technologies and trends and are not reluctant to experiment and apply them.
  • you will coordinate the entire development cycle (from planning to implementation, documentation, testing and monitoring);
  • you will enter into our workflow innovative and creative solutions using the latest and modern technologies;
  • you will participate in meetings with the client to understand the technical requirements;
  • you will provide support and coaching to your team colleagues;
  • you will will develop and provide solutions using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • PHP (minimum 3 years)
  • jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • MySQL
    Laravel, CodeIgniter knowledge is an advantage