Holisun proposes to IT managers oriented data integration solutions by migrating them from one system to another by facilitating access to multiple data sources simultaneously.

Our solution helps the IT managers of the companies that use more software: customer management, accounting, inventory management, activities, etc. Most often they are forced to operate the same information multiple times, each software having its own methods of introducing and managing data.

Often the data have more beneficiaries:

  • Customers (as catalogues, offers, product / data streams, etc.);
  • Management (as reports and statistics);
  • Marketing (offers streams)

Hence the urgent need for innovative solutions for the transformation, adaptation and migration of data processing in various formats, backgrounds, destinations.

Two concrete examples of the use of ETL solution:

  • If it is absolutely necessary for production companies to own an online selling platform for maintaining contact both with resellers and final customers. To avoid bringing the necessary information for selling products in the online environment (products description, inventories, prices), ETL can provide real-time synchronization information from the used ERP system (or any other inventory management and accounting software).
  • To have a clear evidence of activities undertaken in a company, reporting plays an important role. The relevant reports often are complex and contain information collected from multiple software which increases considerably the necessary time for their implementation. Eg.: Total efficiency / employee: it is a complex report that consists of information on worked hours, activities undertaken during a period, the order that was worked on, the salary + bonuses received during the same period.

If all this information should be stored in a single well-organized database, complex reports could be generated with a single click.

Our ETL solution will provide IT administrators a common database that will contain all the information available in all softwares used in the company.

Only those who are database professionals, know the complexity and responsibilities that involve an ETL (extract, transform, load):

  • Managing multiple interconnected databases
  • Data transfer between various systems: ERP, CRM, BPM
  • Data processing for: alerts, reports, statistics
  • Data optimization
  • Converting data in various formats
  • Interconnection of computerized systems
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Applying business rules on data
  • Data aggregation
  • Data audition (useful in diagnosis)
  • Ensuring data availability in appropriate places and formats

Holisun offers the support and services you need, if:

  • You want to synchronize ecommerce platform with management and accounting systems
  • You want to have a new information system
  • In case of systems fusion
  • In case of IT change management
  • In case of extension of business and IT infrastructure
  • In case of business and IT partnerships


Depending on the complexity of the project, its implementation required investment is between 15 euros / hour and 25 euros / hour.

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