• List of clients, contacts and organizations on all computers, in every fonmat?
  • Missed appointment because you forgot to record date and time?
  • Sales lost because the sales man's priorities change weekly?
  • Lack of focus on the short and medium term (not to mention long term strategies)?
  • Total opacity in customer relations?
  • Delays in delivering services and products?

These are quasi-general symptoms. We also faced something like this, until we implemented this CRM. Since then, the results are amazing (see news on the right side of the page).

  • Management of organizations and contacts
    • Filters by activity field, interests, etc.
    • The possibility of mass marketing transmission (to see who opens the email or clicks)
    • Possibility to make lists similar to chimp mail
    • History / client in case he has several contracts with the consulting firm.
    • Automatic introduction into the history when sending the offer, contract, additional document.
    • The possibility to enter information such as birthday, customer details, etc.
  • Marketing
    • Defining marketing campaigns
    • Defining web forms (for data collection)
    • Adding prospectuses
  • Sales
    • Defining opportunities and offers
    • Periodic reports (daily, weekly) on sales activity
  • Management / billing
    • Billing services + timely alert + sending scheduled emails.
    • The possibility to introduce total / partial payments according to the contract - to observe the arrears
  • Projects
    • Definition of tasks and molestones
    • Graphic Gantt generation
  • Service contracts
    • Counting and billing time allocated to the client
    • Enter alert when customer subscription expires
  • Administration
    • Ability to create separate accounts for each user.
    • Possibility to import / export documents / lists
    • The ability to generate reports on areas of interest
    • Synchronization with company email
  • Automation
    • Automatic transmission of email client or employee when given a task (alert when the email is not opened)
    • Email when the conditions are fulfilled (events, birthdays) 
  • Full customization of the application;
  • Possibility of automating processes in relation with clients;
  • Unlimited number of users;
  • Traceability of processes in relation with clients, respectively within the company;
  • Automatic alerts for (pre) defined events;
  • According to GDPR rules;
  • Clear record of support tickets and time allocated to each.
  • Generates alerts
  • It triggers actions or processes automatically, when certain predefined user conditions are met
  • Stores all the activity in the company (in relation with the clients, on the project and on the service contracts)
  • Send interesting messages (technical, commercial, greetings, alerts) to contacts
  • It replaces at least 25% of a person's activity
  • Through strict records and alerts it generates at least EUR 1000 in the first month of use *

(*) Amount based on the activity of a small company in the field of services