About us

Holisun is one of the most renowned IT companies in Romania, boasting almost 20 years of activity in IT research and development. We have commercial and research ties all over the world: Europe, The US, Asia and the Middle East.

We have developed a series of innovative products and services, spanning from robots and remote controlled systems to remote maintenance for some of the greatest players in global industry.

With a lot of experience not just in business automation but also in areas like airport security, medical practice, agriculture, augmented reality, public institutions and industry 4.0, Holisun is the only Romanian partner in the R&D division of Electrolux Group and the military division of Airbus Group.


Competence, flexibility, continuous innovation and adaptability are the core values we uphold.

We focus on our clients’ needs and we use all of our expertise to fulfil their needs and requests and to deliver the best possible solutions.

The four curves in Holisun’s logo stand for our core values, while the focal point symbolizes our partners’ needs and expectations.



Competence is not just acquired by chance, or with the passage of time. For us, growing our skills and capabilities is a goal in itself. We strive to solve all of our partners’ needs and requests promptly and efficiently.

We offer a vast array of high-quality IT products and services that will back your improvement and expansion efforts and goals up tremendously.


We are able and well versed in adapting our experience and the latest technologies to our customer’s needs and requests.

We have made a habit of succeeding in doing tasks and projects others deemed impossible. This way we not only keep up with, but also stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever changing business environment.

Uninterrupted innovation

We have also made it our goal to search and develop new approaches in IT.

We invest a lot of time in staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and inventions and this also translates in us having a very open minded, development-oriented staff who are able to find new and ingenious answers to daily problems and tasks.

Fast-response support and optimal solutions delivery

Our ability for in-depth comprehension of the clients’ needs, 24/7 support and fast response policies define our team.

Due to the current generation’s need for high-quality, customizable, internet-based services, we always work to keep up, so the software applications we develop are being used by hundreds of clients all over the world, in all areas:










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