Mobile devices

We develop the much needed tools to customize your mobile devices using a multitude of smart applications.



Smart glasses and bracelets are the next stage in remote assistance and management services.



In terms of computing power, the heavy duty jobs are still taken on by cloud computing and we are complete masters of this field!



Software development is approached with professionalism in our company and well supported by the 20 years of experience we have in this field.

We implement creative ideas to help you keep up with today’s ever changing environment and provide valuable advice on IT strategies for revenue improvemen.

We comply with all ISO 20000-1: 2005 (IT Services Management System) standards to make sure you get the benefit of the highest quality standards the market has to offer.

We always provide our customers with multiple benefits and we are able to provide a wide range of solutions. Therefore, all our partnerships have withstood the test of time.

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Our most popular ready-made products


100% business oriented / 103% automated!


Airport Security by Holisun is a very efficient way for airports to restrict access to certain areas and make a crystal clear picture of the air operations’ area at any given time.

A r assistance

We developed an unique AR software solution for mobile audio and video streaming. AR Assistance is the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to offer remote support.

Web Development

Responsive Design (Google & mobile friendly)

Responsive designed websites give users a flawless experience, no matter the device they are using.

Vision and Experience

Every website we build is a hybrid creation, made by our highly skilled designers.

Multiple Functionalities

Our team will make sure your site has all the functionalities needed for success in today’s online environment.

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Online shops
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Delivery time
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Customers Satisfaction
Structure updates and optimizations

Constant updates of your webpage will ensure a sharp, trendy look for your brands and products. Structural website updates and the creation of additional pages will no longer be your tasks.

eCommerce Integration

Integrating your eCommerce website with other data management systems saves lots of time and lots of money. We can do that for you.

Piece-of-cake website management

Your management interface will be easy to understand and use, without any need for technical, IT-related knowledge.

Content Management System

Advanced Content Management Systems (CMS) and our custom development options can extend your website's capacity to provide customers with brilliant service in an attractive online environment.

Online Marketing

Well adjusted online marketing strategies can make or break a business in today’s environment. Our marketing-oriented applications can support your efforts both online and offline. Contact us for more details.


Holisun offers IT managers data-oriented integration solutions. These are useful for migrating big data from one computer system to another and facilitate simultaneous access to various data sources.

Our solutions come to the aid of IT administrators who use several programs for:

  • customer management
  • accounting
  • inventory management
  • business management, etc.

Most of the time, admins have to work with the same information several times, each program having its own methods for data entry and management.

Thus, the same data sets have to have several beneficiaries:

Customers (catalogs, offers, product data flows, etc.);

Management (reports and statistics);

Marketing (marketing data flows);

This gives rise to a need for innovative solutions. Our ETL software can transform, adaptat, process and migrate data in various formats, environments and destinations so all of your needs are met simultaneously and there’s no need for multiple data entries for the same event or record. more on this topic

Data warehouse

Keeping data safeConnecting digital systems

We bring oriented data integration solutions to IT managers. Our solutions manage data migration between different information systems and give access to different data sources simultaneously.

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Transferred data
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Registered data transfers
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Monitored systems

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