How ETL solutions can transform your business and why you should get one today!

Production companies need to have online sales platforms both in relation to resellers and end-customers.

103 automated business processes

103 automated business processes. Or how to benefit of one person work for free, ethically and legally

We wished to write this article quite some time ago. We imagined it as "100 automated business processes...". Fortunately, we never had 100 business processes: we had 98 and than 103. Why?

5 reasons why customer feedback is important for my business

5 reasons why customer feedback is important for my business

 It is common to focus on developing the business you run and delivering the best services and products. True and obivous. But do we know that what we deliver is good (enough) for the clients? Do we know that this is what they expect. Do we ask them about their opinions? Do they give us honest answers? Hard questions and maybe this is why collecting feedback from clients is a process often omitted. However, there are 5 reasons for collecting the most honest feedback from our clients:

Midsize Enterprise Summit 2018, San Diego

HOLISUN at MES 2018 Fall in San Diego

HOLISUN takes part at Midsize Enterprise Summit 2018 in San Diego, US. HOLISUN was present also at Midsize Enterprise Summit 2017 in San Antonio, where we promoted our augmented reality-based solution AR Assistance. It is well known that US is a great market for advanced IT solutions, like ours. The results were good and we hope for more this year. 


So we are looking forward to meet you there, in San Diego, on the September 16-18.

Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie "Iuliu Hatieganu" din Cluj-Napoca

HOLISUN developed a new mobile app for the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca

HOLISUN has developed and released a mobile app for meant to improve the communication between the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca with its professors. This way, professors will be informed on their mobile phones every time there is an event or a news concerning them. 

Review feedback

From 0 to 10 in... 2 weeks. What??? Client feedbacks

One of the HOLISUN evolution stages was to pass over the fear of getting client feedback. Becoming aware that a kick in the back is a step forward meant a lot for us. And this happened some years ago. Ever since, we tried to "automatize" this business process, which is that every time a invoice, the email by which it was sent was containing a text asking the client to provide us feedback. All the client was supposed to do was to click on a link and answer some questions. Do you want to know the outcome?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest... or AR Assistance in pilot training

We have more and more request for using AR Assistance in highly refined trainings. One of the most advanced requests are for using AR Assistance by the pilot students, which start to pilot airplanes by themselves.

HOLISUN at Balkan Technology Match 2018

HOLISUN expansion is obvious (United States and Saudi Arabia this year). However, we haven't targeted Balkans yet, although they are so close to us.

This year we want to open new markets there. Therefore we will be in Skopje, Macedonia, for Balkan Technology Match 2018, in 7th and 8th of June.

Looking forward to meet you there for new business opportunities. 

Smart Glasses war

We have tested so far the best smart glasses on the market. Now, we share with you our findings.

We release the web platform of the Romania-Ucraine cross-border programme

HOLISUN has developed the web platform of the cross-border programme Romania-Ucraine. It is n-th time when HOLISUN workd with the Ministry of Regional Development for the most important web platforms of the financing calls. comes back to the "source"

In 2012, HOLISUN developed, the web portal of the best financing programme in Romania - Regional Operational Programme POR 2007 - 2013. Since then, a new set of programmes for 2014 - 2020 have been released. Therefore needs a new structure and a new design, adapted to the current needs. 

And HOLISUN has the pleasure to redo it entirely, from scratch. In other words, the cooperation between the Ministry of Regional Development  and HOLISUN continues.

AR Assistance works perfectly on ODG R7 HL smartglasses

As shown recently, we started the tests of AR Assistance on  ODG R7 HL smart glasses, the super-certified version of the regular  ODG R7.  

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