103 automated business processes

103 automated business processes. Or how to benefit of one person work for free, ethically and legally

We wished to write this article quite some time ago. We imagined it as "100 automated business processes...". Fortunately, we never had 100 business processes: we had 98 and than 103. Why?

Because the more processes are automated and pay off, the more you want. Actually your work is replaced by an intelligent software. 

What have we got with these automations?

  • reduction of the times needed for closing opportunities (with about 30%)
  • reduction of the delays in receiving info from the clients (currently 1-2 days), respectively finalizing the projects (on average with 50% comparing with the initial situation)
  • reduced delays of the payments (with about 80%)
  • getting client feedback (from one in three years, to 10 / week) - see From 0 to 10 in... 2 weeks. What??? Client feedbacks
  • optimization of the project portfolio and smart allocation of the resources based on their priority
  • increased turnover (see Seven steps in implementing and adopting a good CRM. Our experiences)

Based on our estimations, all these automations replace successfully the work of a full-time employee. In other words, at this moment in HOLISUN there is a person working full-time and legally, pro bono.