Our Clients

Holisun’s client portfolio includes businesses from all over the world. After long years of experience, our work, the products we developed, our projects and long-term partnerships speak volumes.

We have ongoing, active collaborations with private companies, public authorities, educational institutions, NGOs, and we like to get involved in large-scale European research projects.

International partners
  • Ingenieursburo Balvers BV, Heerhugowaard, Holland
  • ICMS SARL, Paris, France
  • PEL SARL, Paris, France
  • com, France
  • Votre-Serveur.com, France
  • Forex Signals, London, Great Britain
  • University of Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Vigor Contracting, Qatar
  • Holos, Portugal
  • KKEC, Iran
  • Electrolux, Italy
  • KEMADA SARL, Nantes, France
Romanian partners
Public authorities
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism
  • Maramureș Local Council
  • Cluj-Napoca City Hall
  • Focșani City Hall
  • National Authority for Qualifications (CNFPA)
  • Abrud City Hall, Alba
Trade Chambers and NGOs
  • CDIMM Foundation, Maramureș
  • Trade, Industry and Agriculture Chamber Satu Mare
  • Trade and Industry Chamber Bistrița-Năsăud
  • National Trade Union
  • Romanian Amateur and Nonamateur Soccer Players Association
  • Romanian Airports Association
Private Companies
  • Adecco Romania
  • GI Group
  • Continental Automotive Products SRL
  • Global Safety Textiles SRL
  • MDA Global Audit, Cluj Napoca
  • Hummark, Cluj Napoca
  • Restaurant Spoons, Baia Mare
  • Ganatran Stivuitoare, Oradea
  • Polul Nord Service electrocasnice, Baia Mare
  • Kamoauto, Bucharest
  • Padel World, Germany
  • Poiana Construct House, Vatra Dornei
  • Adriana Aga Makeup, New York
  • P&G Design, Bucharest
  • Beton Chimie, Iasi
Other Authorities
  • State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
  • Matei Balș Institute of Infectious Diseases Bucharest
  • Iași Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Timișoara International Airport
  • Baia Mare International Airport
Schools and Universities
  • I. Cuza, University, Iași
  • University of Bucharest
  • Naval University, Constanța
  • Satu Mare School District
  • Arad School District
  • Harghita School District
  • Andrei Saguna University, Constanța
  • Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy, Constanța
  • I. Cuza, Police Academy, Bucharest
Online Shops
  • FM Racing, Alba Iulia
  • Seaplast, Constanța
  • Lanexim, Bucharest
  • Lovely Lauren, Bucharest
  • Wine Republic, Bucharest
  • Tehnoart Publishing House, Bucharest
  • Ben Resources, Baia Mare
  • Trattoria Belvedere, Bucharest
  • Jaluzele Interioare, Bucharest
  • RedZip, Bucharest
  • Casa Miresei, Bucharest