Review feedback

From 0 to 10 in... 2 weeks. What??? Client feedbacks

One of the HOLISUN evolution stages was to pass over the fear of getting client feedback. Becoming aware that a kick in the back is a step forward meant a lot for us. And this happened some years ago. Ever since, we tried to "automatize" this business process, which is that every time a invoice, the email by which it was sent was containing a text asking the client to provide us feedback. All the client was supposed to do was to click on a link and answer some questions. Do you want to know the outcome?

We got one feedback in three years!!!

Once the new CRM, one of my targets was to get feedback at any price (without having us to ask each client personally for it). We had brainstorming over brainstorming; we dropped the idea and revived it over and over again. And eventually we succeeded. Now, in the email with the invoice, we wimply add 5 star groups (1 to 5), corresponding to the assessment of a specific quality criterion. Now, the client simply has to click on the number of stars. That is all!  

Do you know how many feedbacks we have got in the last two weeks? 9 (nine).  From zero, previously. I think this is absolutely fantastic. Finally I achieved another dream of mine, the one of having our clients assess our work.

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