AR Assistance - Remote Services for Augmented Reality

We developed an unique AR software solution for mobile audio and video streaming.
AR Assistance is the ideal solution for anyone who offers remote support.

AR Assistance use areas:



Just by using a pair of smart glasses, specialists can remotely coordinate interventions. Your employees will no longer have to take long trips to solve in-field problems every time. This saves a lot of money, and helps ease communication up. How this works: If you need to solve an issue that normally needs an expert on the site, select someone that is already there to put on the smart glasses. Whatever they see and hear is transmitted to your support center, where your highly trained specialists can assess the situation and give valuable advice about the issue at hand. Saves time, saves money.

Medical field and emergency situations

Doctors or medics giving CPR or bringing a patient to the ER can be coordinated by a specialist waiting for them at the hospital. Even better, when the patient reaches the ER, the doctors already know what to do, and need little to no briefing on the patient's status as they already are familiarised with the case. Firefighters can stream difficult interventions that need advice from highly qualified specialists.


Teachers or professors can give practical demonstrations (on using new equipment, surgical interventions, safety equipment, etc.) and any students or course attendants see exactly what the teacher sees, real time. Courses can now be recorded without the need to utilize the hands.
Ochelarii inteligenti Epson Moverio: BT-300
Epson Moverio Smart Glasses: BT-300

The Moverio Glasses

Moverio (by Epson) smart glasses connect to the internet through Wi-Fi; any transmissions go through in real time. Technical details:

  • Android OS
  • incorporated front camera
  • touch-operated control unit
  • incorporated microphones
  • two-year warranty

Why use AR Assistance:

Greatly reduced business trip expenses

Your highly trained specialists will now be able to do interventions on opposite sides of the country in ONE DAY, without leaving your headquarters.

You can create a virtual library containing all recordings from previous interventions. If any future similar issues come up, you will have a reference to go to, and be able to solve issues faster, using your past expertise. Also, if something goes wrong, you will have a reference to go to and find out what happened.

All knowhow that ever goes through your company will now stay in your company. Even if some of your valuable experts leave, their expertise will stay with you forever in the form of recorded interventions that you can store in a well organized library.

Less experienced employees and people on the field can now be mentored remotely by your highly-trained, valuable experts at your headquarters.

Easy to maintain, customizable solution.

There’s literally NO FIELD or activity in your company where AR Assistance and smart glasses cannot be used.

The way these glasses make your employees look will give a huge boost to your company’s image.

ROI calculator

In less than ONE minute, discover how AR Assistance can reduce maintenance, service, and travel expenses. Just plug in the numbers in the field below and let the algorithm do the math:

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Total travel costs:

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In three years you can save:

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